Eclectic Randomness

Friday, July 4, 2014

ER Mesh Latex Corsets


Today I am pleased to announce the release of these new ER Mesh Latex Corsets!

These shiny rigged mesh corsets come in the familiar 12 latex colors from Eclectic Randomness. Each corset pack comes with ER's appearance control HUD, which comes pre-loaded with 6 combinations between the chosen color, and black. What's that you say? You want a black corset? Pick any color... there's a solid black one in every pack!

The ER Mesh Latex Corsets are materials enabled, with custom normals and specular maps.. which means they'll look even better with "Advanced Lighting" or "Shadows" turned on in your viewer.

But here's the real exciting news. Inside each of these new corsets, is ER's new RLV locking system! Gone are the "key holder" struggles, and that oh-so-tempting escape button too! The new system has much more of what we've all come to expect from RLV enabled locking attachments: support for multiple owners, timelocks, self bondage, and more.

Check them out on the SL Marketplace!

Friday, May 9, 2014

ER Catsuit Megapack and Appliers - for Boobs and More!

It's not every day that I get to announce a release like this!

You've asked for them, and here they are at long last! Latex Catsuit Megapacks, and appliers for all the popular brands of prim boobs and other mesh body parts: eBoobs Overfilled, Anime Overfillied, & Naturals, Lolas Tango, vString Classic & Evo, Mused Full & Milk Made, L-inc Phat Azz, AMD Baby Bump, and Slink Hands, Feet, and Stockings!

Boob appliers are 25L$ per color pack, or you can pick up the Megapack for 200L$ (12 for the price of 8). The additional appliers are packaged together per color, again just 25L$ each set, or pick up the Megapack of those appliers for the same great price!

In addition, ER is now pleased to offer a Megapack of the catsuits too! Individually, ER's Latex Catsuits are just 200L$ each, or you can buy all 12 for 1600L$.. it's like getting four of them free!

Check them out on the SL Marketplace!